Many people take pills or supplements without water. However, if you have concerns about this practice, you may want to learn more about potential safety risks. Here’s what you should know.

Taking Pills Without Water: Is it Safe to Do?

Stay Properly Hydrated

If you’re planning on taking medication without water, you’ll want to make sure that you’re fully hydrated. If you try to swallow a pill when your mouth is dry, you run the risk of choking. If you’re well-hydrated, your body should be producing saliva. Saliva will help ensure your throat is lubricated properly.

However, if you’re dehydrated and dealing with dry-mouth symptoms, you should wait till you are able to find some water.

You Can Swallow A Pill With Other Beverages


The beverage you use to take your medication doesn’t  necessarily have to be water. However alcohol should be avoided completely.

It’s perfectly fine to use soda, juice, or even coffee as these beverages are usually comprised primarily of water.

Water is one of the healthiest things to drink for a variety of reasons. Water is free of calories, and it’s more hydrating than beverages that contain a lot of additives. However, if don’t have water on-hand, the beverages above will work fine.

Taking Your Medication With Food

In some situations, you won’t want to take your pills with water alone. You’ll also want to take your medication with food. Taking your pills with food can help your body to digest the ingredients that are in the pill. Taking a pill with food can also keep you from feeling nauseous.

Taking your medication with your food can also work as a reminder for when it’s  time to take them.

Timing Is Everything

In some cases, you’ll want to make sure you take your pills at the same time every day. For example, if you take your medication with your lunch one day, you might want to do the same thing on the following day.

Taking your pill at the same time every day can be highly beneficial. Some medication is significantly more effective when it’s taken at the same time each day.

You Should Always Follow Your Doctor’s Instructions

doctor prescription

If you’re taking medicine that you’ve been prescribed, you’ll want to carefully follow any instructions that were given to you by your doctor or your pharmacist. If you’re told that you should be taking your pills with food, or that you should be taking it without water, you’re going to want to do that.

Not all medication is the same, which is why it’s so important to look at what experts have to say. If you’re given advice, you’ll want to follow that advice to the letter.

It’s absolutely possible to safely take a pill without water. In certain situations, taking a pill without water may even be recommended. If you’re interested in taking medication without water, you’ll want to look closely at your options.

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