How To Get A Good Night’s Sleep When You Are Badly Sunburned

Sunburns, depending on their severity, can really kill a good night’s sleep. They can make you downright miserable. Perhaps the best way to sleep with a sunburn is standing up.

In all seriousness, let’s go over some ideas that can help you get those z’s when your skin is simply on fire.

What Causes a Sunburn?

Sunburns are a result of overexposure to ultraviolet light. UV light exposure can happen on the sunniest days of the year as well as the cloudiest.

In order for the body to heal the damaged skin cells it sends extra blood to the skin. This can result in uncomfortable, tight skin that feels hot to the touch. It can be itchy and swolen and lead to fever, chills, and nausea in extreme cases.

All of these make it troublesome to sleep.

How to Sleep With a Sunburn

man sunburn

Sleep Naked

A combination of solutions is usually the best way to combat a sunburn. However the easiest one is to simply sleep naked. It costs nothing and will prevent contact with material that causes friction and discomfort.

A fleece blanket might be of some comfort, but the best solution is to sandwich yourself between soft sheets. Cotton is the most common but if you have silk sheets, that’s even better.

Stay Hydrated

It’s also a good idea to drink plenty of water when your skin is sunburned. Being sunburned causes fluid to draw to the skin’s  surface. This causes you to become dehydrated.

Granted, you don’t want to wake up four times in the middle of the night to use the bathroom. This will reset your clock in terms of trying to get back to sleep.

Be sure to drink lots of water in the afternoon, well ahead of bedtime.

Topical Solutions

You can use moisturizers that contain vitamin A and  E to help provide nourishment for your skin. This will help to repair damaged skin cells.

You may also consider using aloe vera. If you have a plant you can use peel back the pedals and expose the gel inside. However a 100% aloe vera gel is just as effective. Aloe vera  as a soothing, cooling effect on the skin. Consider chilling it in the refrigerator first for extra relief.

Over the Counter Medications

You can also take over the counter paid meds like Ibuprofen to help ease the pain.

Ibuprofen is an anti-inflammatory that will help to reduce the swelling and redness on the skin.

If your sunburn is especially itchy, you may consider using hydrocortisone cream to help reduce these symptoms.

Use a Cold Compress

While it will be tempting to use an ice cube on your skin, this can cause even more damage. It’s recommended to use a cold compress or to take a cold shower or bath to help reduce symptoms.

Final Thoughts

Soon your sunburn will be history. It will take some time, especially if you were burned badly, but relief is inevitable.

For now, enjoy sleeping in your birthday suit. Buy some aloe vera and apply it to your skin. Take some anti-inflammatory medication and enjoy some much needed shut-eye.

It’s not easy to sleep when your whole body is sunburned, but these tips will help you get the job done.